Hiring and Onboarding

When it comes to growing revenue, enhancing the customer experience, and maintaining your company’s culture, hiring is one of the biggest aspects you’ve got to get right. Above all else, hiring talented employees is the key to success in today’s economy.

At The Payroll Shoppe, we give you the tools to recruit and retain the right people. Our efficient Hiring and Onboarding solutions will give you a leg up, helping you find new hires and getting them started on a timeline that works with your goals.

Hiring is a good thing! It means you are growing. However, managing the process of hiring can be a real headache. There are mountains of paperwork and ever-changing regulations, and every little mistake increases costs and inflates your timeline.

Our Hiring and Onboarding tools cover all your new hire needs while avoiding common errors that plague Small Business Owners. Background checks, E-Verify, and Work Opportunity Tax Credit screening are just the start. No matter your needs, our unified platform will take care of the little details, leaving you to focus on finding the right talent for your business.


  1. Easily post jobs to multiple locations
  2. Use searchable resume database to manage applicants
  3. Automatically schedule interviews with candidates
  4. Seamlessly move new hires into your system as employees
  5. Reduce time to hire by up to 90%
  6. Hiring engine with access to thousands of job seekers
  7. Interactive employee self-service portal
  8. Automated onboarding process

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