Ancillary Services

ESS-Employee Self-Service

  • Gives employees a direct login to view paychecks and W2s.
  • Increases security of employee’s payroll information.
  • Employee can easily access previous pay stubs.
  • Reduces printing costs.
  • Decrease administrative hassles.

Secureview-online access to reports by Employer / Administrator

  • Allows secure, electronic document delivery directly to employer via
  • See total payroll expense and bank transfers within an hour after payroll processing.
  • Complete access to any payroll report or employee pay stub from all previous pay periods.
  • View and print employee pay stubs as needed.
  • View and print quarterly and annual tax returns and employee W2’s / 1099’s as needed.
  • Confidential.
  • No delivery fee.

Time and Attendance

  • Download employee punches directly into the payroll program for processing.
  • Track accruals and time off requests.
  • Options range from a time clock, handheld device or mobile app.

Direct Deposit

  • Employees can have multiple accounts.

Court Ordered deductions, Garnishments and Levys and uploads

  • ACH remittance of child support payments
  • Agency checks can be provided for any deduction
  • 401k / retirement uploads